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It's hard to be impressed today by a shallow ditch dug across more or less level ground.  After all, today's technology can dig a tunnel underneath the English Channel, and Americans have been to the moon several times!  The fact is though, that very few engineering feats have had a bigger impact on all of our lives today than this one project that Thomas Jefferson described in 1809 as "little short of madness".

Not Convinced?  What if:

  • The City of Chicago didn't exist?
  • California became a country instead of a state?
  • Everyone west of the Mississippi spoke Spanish?
  • The South won the Civil War?
  • America never entered WWI or WW2?
  • Man hadn't yet made it to the moon?
  • And finally, what if your ancestors never came to this country, and you were never born?

Watch the following video, and then make your own list of ways in which history would likely be very different today if American hadn't opened the door to the inner continent -- and eventually extended that grasp all the way to the western sea.

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